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What does it mean Bashta?

As a full service studio, the practice offers services in Architectural Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Construction Drawings and Contract Administration. With over a decade of experience, Bashta has developed a deep understanding of town planning requirements; a reflection of high quality design that is underpinned by commercial acumen and a desire to contribute positively to the cities and suburbs in which we live.

Our way to quality
Our way to quality
Our way to quality

Defined by outstanding quality, each project is approached independently yet unified by a design philosophy that seeks to create a lasting impact through design excellence.

Our services

Architectural Design
Interior Design

Our team

Bashta is a multi-disciplinary design practice committed to delivering authentic interior spaces underpinned by thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. With a decade-long track record of design excellence across hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors, our team continue to apply a curious outlook, evolving Bashta’s rigorous design methodologies, while remaining true to its founding principles.

We prioritize the power of collaboration and listening intently to develop compelling, project-specific narratives that guide each of them with intention. Observant and analytical by nature, we apply a discerning lens to design. Our goal is not to impose our vision onto a space, but rather to co-create environments that resonate with the people who use them.

Ultimately, we find delight in tailoring spaces to reflect the identities and aspirations of our clients — a pursuit that continues to challenge and excite us.

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